What Is Blusion? 

In a world where everything has been upgraded, laundromats got left in the dust. Well, with our technology we're here to clean that dust up! First, we started with the BluOx technology which is being used in hotels & resorts across the country. Then, we decided to create a fusion between the technology and laundromats, giving you: Blusion Wash & Dry.

Germ-Killing Technology

Ozone (the primary sanitizer in the Blusion process) has been well studied on its effectiveness in killing a variety of pathogens in water treatment. The kill rates of ozone on pathogens is influenced by pH, temperature and the presence of ambient organic compounds.  Most pathogens are inactivated by 1 ppm of ozone or less applied for 1 to 5 minutes. Blusion exceeds these levels. Click here to see a list of pathogens known to be inactivated by ozone.

A number of tests have been done over the years to evaluate ozone's effectiveness at killing pathogens in laundry. These tests include nursing home applications, hospital linen and even dairy operations(where ozone was used to launder the towels used to wipe down cow udders). These tests have consistently confirmed ozone's effectiveness. Click here to see results of a test done by IndustrOzone in July of 2000 washing heavily soiled diaper pads in cold water at 0.93 ppm of ozone.  This test cleared the way for a special exemption authorizing the use of ozone in a nursing home in California. 

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacteria of growing concern, especially in prisons and athletic facilities. Ozone's effectiveness on inactivation of MRSA was established in a test done in the U.K. in 2006. The tests showed kill rates of pathogens including MRSA up to 8 logs (99.999999%).  Click here for excerpts from Ozone in the Laundry Industry -- Practical Experiences in the United Kingdom.



Eco-Friendly Washing

As explained in germ-killing technology, Blusion uses ozone as the primary sanitizing agent for washing. Ozone works best in cold water; hot water actually breaks down ozone before it can perform at its best. Because of this, we save a significant amount of energy by not having to heat the gallons of water used to wash just one load.


Because our technology sanitizes and whitens without the need for bleach, the need for excess rinsing is eliminated. This saves water, time and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals. Your clothing and linens last longer since they are not being damaged by harsh chemicals and heat with every wash.



Experience & History

Here are just a few properties that have been benefiting from our technology:


The Breakers Resort - Palm Beach, Florida


Grove Park Inn - Asheville, North Carolina

The founder, Jim Konides, has over 15 years experience in helping hotels & healthcare facilities reduce the impact of their laundry processing by using cold oxidized water in place of hot water and toxic chemicals. Jim has implemented hundreds of successful installations for customers using oxidized water ranging from Hilton's and Marriott's to Five Star Resorts. For years, Jim wanted to make this technology available to the Laundromat industry. That goal was achieved in April 2012 when Blusion Wash + Dry opened its first store in Atlanta, Georgia.

Blusion Story

Years ago, a man came across a technology that would revolutionize the way we do laundry. He developed this technology to a higher level of standards, forming BluOx. This technology allowed for sanitizing in cold water without the use of bleach, in turn saving energy, water, chemcials, time & extend linen life. Genius.

He wanted to make this technology available to the general public, and not just solely to the commercial properties.
In an industry where much ha

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