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BluOx technology is a low-impact, sustainable solution for light-soil laundry.


Traditional laundry cycles treat all laundry soil levels essentially the same: launder using caustic chemicals and scalding temperatures, then rinse extensively to remove residual chemicals and finish with an acid bath to ensure neutralization of any remaining chemicals. The BluOx process uses elevated concentrations of oxidized water, or ozonated water, to significantly reduce the amount of chemicals, detergents, water + sewer, and hot water regularly used in traditional laundry cycles.

The BluOx process furthers its intentions with cycles that reuse oxidized water. BluOx application features oxidized water at levels 3 to 5 times stronger than industry norms.

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BluOx provides businesses a safer, more effective way to process light-soil laundry and track results. High levels of oxidized water, robust industrial design outfitted with concise wash formulas that eliminate caustic chemicals form the backbone of the BluOx Laundry system and enable operators to minimize their laundry’s impact while lowering their bottom line. For larger laundry operations, BluOx’s neutral, bleach free chemistry is ideal for water

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  1. 1. What exactly is light-soil laundry?

    • Light-soil laundry consists of the most common bed and bath linens found in a guest’s room. Depending on the type of property, each room can average between 8-14 pounds. These items are exposed to trace amounts of dirt and body oils and do not require extreme levels of caustic chemicals, bleach and alkali to remove and clean.

  2. 2. How do I process heavily stained linen items?

    • BluOx is designed to work only with light-soil laundry. It is recommended that operators continue to use traditional hot water and bleach formulas on food and beverage linens, heavily stained items and reclaim.

  3. 3. What type of results can I expect with BluOx?

    • Fresher smelling, whiter linens. While oxidized water has been proven to sanitize and brighten linens, BluOx’s use of use of high concentrations delivers faster results and consumes fewer resources. Customer experiences may vary depending on the water quality and chemical vendors.

  4. 4. What does BluOx detergent formulas consist of?

    • BluOx detergent formulas consist primarily of neutral detergent which can be supplied by nearly all major chemical distributors.

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IntelligentDesign + Data

Real-time data tracking ensures results and longevity.

ElevatedOxidation Levels

Higher concentrations lower chemicals, water and costs.