Better design leads to longer and better results.

In 2013, we incorporated a powerful PLC (programmable logic controller) into every generator we install to add meaningful and inherent logic to the equipment which translates to:

  1. 1. Hands-Off Use – Operators no longer have to be instructed or prompted to physically turn the equipment off or on, the PLC computer takes care of that for a worry-free installation and laundry environment.

  2. 2. Self-Monitoring – The BluOx PLC monitors equipment operations around the clock and signals a clearly visible fault light if anything is not working properly.

  3. 3. Remote Monitoring – Our robust PLC gives us the capability to monitor our equipment 24/7 so we know if the equipment is performing as intended and we know whether the operators are taking full advantage of the savings made possible by BluOx in real time.

  4. 4. Remote Washer Checks + Audits - When coupled with new Unimac washers, the benefits stack up even higher. BluOx equipment ties seamlessly into the control boards for the washers and dryers so that we can furnish additional reports to management in real time that capture all of your laundry’s operations, benefits and savings. Using BluOx with Unimac makes addressing problems and results instantaneous with immediate and remote changes to wash cycles.

  5. 5. Measured Productivity - We also track how many of each wash cycle is being run per property to include data points, washer turn times, loads per hour and other benchmarks for measuring productivity. We can then compare the number of wash cycles run to the amount of laundry chemicals consumed and report back to managers if chemical use is in line with operations.

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Emphasize customer initiatives with responsible laundry practices.

IntelligentDesign + Data

Real-time data tracking ensures results and longevity.

ElevatedOxidation Levels

Higher concentrations lower chemicals, water and costs.