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We're committed to being the laundry industry’s go to solution for light soil laundry. Our customers are laundry operators who face forward in pursuit the most cost-effective and earth-friendly technologies. These operators turn to BluOx technology for its ability to customize commercial washers to launder with highly oxidized cold water instead of conventional caustic/toxic chemicals and hot water. Its application features higher levels of oxidized water that exceed, and in some cases double, industry standards for light-soil laundry processing.

Using BluOx technology gives operators a strategy for shorter production times, smarter allocation of resources and improvements to their bottom line. Our customers experience a more than 90% reduction in hot water usage, a 50% cut in total washer/sewer costs, more than 80% elimination in the use and cost of caustic/toxic chemicals, a 50% boost in productivity and while extending linen life 15 to 25%. Powerful remote diagnostic equipment protects equipment integrity, safeguards benefits and prolongs machine life for years and years.

Commitment to thorough and extended service, investment into robust equipment and extensive experience makes our team stronger and also provides customers a reliable resource for their laundry.

About Us

Founded in 2006 by Jim Konides, BluOx Laundry has grown into a fully vertical operation in Atlanta, Georgia encompassing in-house design & engineering, production, sales and after-sale service and support. BluOx customers going back to inception in 2006 are still realizing BluOx benefits, as we have a rapidly expanding client-base consisting of small, medium and large operators throughout the United States and Canada.

Side-by-side collaboration and research with leading chemical distributors, ozone suppliers, universities, equipment manufacturers and various textile companies makes the BluOx customer, science and application portfolios one of the most diversified and unique in the industry.

Company milestones and research include:

2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006


  • Testing with Cotton, Inc. to discover effects of ozone on denim and raw cotton samples.


  • Redesigned diagnostics system to include onboard PLC (programmable logic controller) for best results and information.



  • First to test electrolytic ozone generators for laundry.


  • Performed research with Penn State University to establish remote monitoring and front-load washer modification protocols to work with BluOx technology.


  • Collaborated with Sun & Earth for sustainable laundry chemicals. Blended laundry detergent specifically for use with the BluOx applications.


  • Worked with Cotton, Inc. to test elevated levels of ozone for bleach of greige cotton.
  • Established protocols for modifying major washing equipment suppliers including Unimac, B&C Technologies, Jensen, Milnor and others.


  • Consulted Ecolab on development of laundry chemicals specifically designed for use with ozone.
  • Founder launches BluOx Laundry and files for patent protection.

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We're committed to being the laundry industry's go to solution for light-soil laundry processing.



Emphasize customer initiatives with responsible laundry practices.

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Higher concentrations lower chemicals, water and costs.