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The Savings Explained...

BluOx has the power to transform the way the hospitality and service industry approach light-soil laundry. Fill in the fields below and see what you can expect to save in your laundry alone.

Properties can expect to experience more savings depending on the amount and type of typical room laundry that is processed.

Eliminate Caustic Chemicals

Traditional laundry methods over process light-soil laundry. Caustic chemical use is cut by 80% when running BluOx ozone cycles.

Reduce Hot Water Consumption

The BluOx process works only with cold water and cuts hot water costs by up to 90% when processing light-soil laundry.

Halve Water + Sewer Costs

Less chemicals means less rinsing and shorter wash cycles. Remove the added strain that traditional wash cycles require and save up to 50% on water + sewer costs.

Extend Linen Life

Removing harsh chemicals from light-soil laundering stops premature degradation and prolongs linen life by up to 20%.

Boost Productivity

Operators experience up to 50% more productivity when running BluOx laundry cycles due to minimized wash times.

Peace of Mind

Monitored equipment ensures long-term benefits and extends machine life. Get updates and alerts on equipment to maintain peak performance.

Our ups and downs help boost your bottom line.

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Emphasize customer initiatives with responsible laundry practices.

IntelligentDesign + Data

Real-time data tracking ensures results and longevity.

ElevatedOxidation Levels

Higher concentrations lower chemicals, water and costs.