When it came time to make the Blusion technology available to the general public, we tried to take a fresh look from the customer's perspective at every aspect of self-serve laundering.

  Open Last Wash Close
Mon-Fri NOON 7 pm 8 pm
Sat 10 am 7 pm 8 pm
Sun 10 am 7 pm 8 pm

Transfer & Call Service: Please note for the courtesy of all of our customers, please come within 15-20 minutes of the call for pickup otherwise subject to bagging charge per load.




Triple-Load Cold Wash
Triple-Load Hot Wash
Extra Rinse
Free hypoallergenic detergent per wash
Flat-rate Drying

*More details on drying policy/restrictions below.

Extended wash cycles over 45 minutes are priced differently, call or visit us to ask about pricing.


Sanitizing in Cold Water without Bleach

Cold oxidized water sanitizes and is more effective at killing pathogens than most hot water and bleach applications. Blusion washers sanitize your clothes and the washer with each fill so you don't have to be concerned with what the person who used a machine before you may have left behind.

Free Detergent

That's right, free detergent with every purchase of a wash! That means less plastic going into our landfills. It doesn't hurt that customers save 25-75 cents a load for laundry chemicals too.
We use Arm and Hammer's Hypoallergenic Detergent which is a baking soda based detergent.


All of our high-efficiency washers are triple load at a competitive price of $2.70 per wash. Wash more clothes with less cost.


Drying Times & Pricing*

Laundromat users know they are often taken advantage of by dryers set at lower temperatures and they keep feeding that dryer, quarter after quarter. That didn't sit right with us so we have a flat fee for drying $1.45** per load no matter how long it takes. Customers who wash have first right to dryers, so please be mindful if you are a dry only customer.*
*Due to our high volume on the weekends, we have the right to refuse "dry only" customers as we quickly get backed up on our drying space. This means a wash must be purchased in order to dry. We apologize for the inconvienence.
**Dry only customers will pay $1.45 per 45 minute cycle. This is due to the lower extract of most home machines where it requires a much longer dry cycle than our machines. Consider washing and drying with us!

Store Features

Debit/Credit Payment

Forget scrounging around for quarters.  We accept debit/credit for all services. For the convenience (and frankly the safety) of our customers, we are a cash free store.

Free Parking & Entry

We have front street access or park in the free covered deck and use our back entrance--perfect for rainy laundry days!

Free Wi-Fi & Air Conditioning

Of course. Can't imagine opening a store without them.

Seating Area

We wanted to make sure our seating area is comfortable enough to work on a lap top (with electrical outlets) or simply relax the best window view of any laundromat in the city.

Folding Tables

We liked the idea of a shelf above the folding area to put your items on as they were folded and added a privacy screen for our customers.

Attendent on Duty

If we're open, we're attendend! We're always there to answer any questions and to let you know about the Blusion technology.

Great Location-Enjoy the Pencil Factory Shops!

The Pencil Factory includes the convenient Intown Market, Buffies Tax Heiress, Village Theatre (Improv & Comedy Theatre), Ken Bailey Hair Studio, Dry Cleaners,

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